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X-rays Private

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X-rays ;are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves. X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body. The images show the parts of your body in different shades of black and white. This is because different tissues absorb different amounts of radiation. Calcium in bones absorbs x-rays the most, so bones look white. Fat and other soft tissues absorb less and look gray. Air absorbs the least, so the lungs look black.

Metal detectors

Metal Detecting Machines are based on the science of electromagnetism. ;

In the garment and apparel industry, metal needle detectors are utilized to detect needles that may have been accidentally lodged in finished garments. It is also necessary to ensure that garments and apparel meant to be sold or exported are devoid of all sorts of metal contaminants. Exporting garments embedded with needles or other unwanted metal articles could result in legal actions against the manufacturing company along with bad publicity and heavy financial losses. Thus, garment companies prefer to invest in metal detecting devices that thoroughly scan garments for needle or metal contamination.

Despite the rapid socio-economic development today, in a peaceful environment, the internal security environment is often affected by terrorists and other insecurity factors, putting us in a dangerous environment. Therefore, in this case, a large investment in a ;security inspection machine ;is very important. Through the use of security inspection devices, security can be better carried out, and the safety of public places can also be improved. ;

Weighing Detector

The weighing detector is another term for a Load cell or force sensor. Like many sensors, weight sensors are available in many different forms or types. Each type of weight sensor has features that make them well suited to different applications.

Metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to actively detect the presence of metallic objects. A handheld metal detector ;wand has two primary components, a transmitter coil that creates the electromagnetic field and a receiver coil that detects electromagnetism. An electromagnetic field is generated around the transmitter coil which extends to around 20cm from the security wand. When the wand is passed over a subject's body if a metal object falls into the generated electromagnetic field a further electromagnetic field is induced around the hidden metal object. This new electromagnetic field is detected by the receiver coil which will trigger an alert for the operator.