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Why is Micro Switch called a micro switch Private

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Why is Micro Switch called a micro switch

Probably because the first producer was the American company called Micro Switch. And as these products were very popular, the name micro switch became a generic trademark for all producers.

The company Micro Switch was acquired by Honeywell in 1950. And Honeywell registered the trademark Micro Switch. Other manufacturers used the name Snap-Action Switch or Basic Switch.

How does a limit switch work?

A standard limit switch used in industrial applications is an electromechanical device that consists of a mechanical actuator linked to a series of electrical contacts. When an object (sometimes called the target) comes in physical contact with the actuator, the actuator plunger’s movement results in the electrical contacts within the switch to either close (for a normally open circuit) or open (for a normally closed circuit) their electrical connection. Limit switches use the mechanical movement of the actuator plunger to control or change the electrical switch's state. Similar devices, such as inductive or capacitive proximity sensors, or photoelectric sensors, can accomplish the same result without requiring contact with the object. Hence, limit switches are contact sensors in contrast to these other types of proximity sensing devices. Most limit switches are mechanical in their operation and contain heavy-duty contacts capable of switching higher currents than those of alternative proximity sensors.

Characteristics of our Industrial Footswitches

Our wide range of industrial foot switch models incorporates some of the desired features for products in this sector including;

Long life

Mechanical Stability

Two Types of Timer Switches

Manual Setting Timer Switch: This type is more common in my country (Malaysia). You can find two types, either analog or digital. This type of timer switch gives you the option to set “on-off” periods as many times as you want within the 24-hour period. You can use this type of timer switch to control not only lights but also other gadgets like water heaters and air-conditioners. I have two such timer switches installed in my home. One controls the light at the covered car porch (open-air garage with a roof). The other controls the sitting area (lounge) of my home. If you look at the photo of my timer switch, it is set “on” at 18.5 (6:30 p.m.) and “off” at 24 (12 midnight).