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What is a Brushless DC Motor and How Does It Work? Private

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 At present, DC brushless blowers mostly use brushless DC motors, which greatly simplify the structure of brushless DC motors by eliminating the collector ring and brushes for excitation. It not only improves the technical performance of the motor, but also greatly improves the mechanical reliability and life of the motor. Not only that, it also has excellent control performance compared with other motors. This is because the torque constant, torque inertia ratio, and power density of the motor have been greatly improved due to the high performance of permanent magnet materials.

The blower is mainly composed of the following six parts: motor, air filter, blower body, air chamber, base (and oil tank), and drip nozzle. The blower runs eccentrically by the rotor offset in the cylinder and makes the volume change between the blades in the rotor slot to suck in, compress and spit out the air. In the operation of the blower using the pressure difference between the automatic lubrication to the drip nozzle, drip into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, while maintaining the cylinder gas does not flow back, this blower is also known as the slide blower. The blower's types can be classified acccording to its applications, including, CPAP blowerBipap blowerICU ventilator blowerPurifying respirator blowerAir bed blowerHome appliance blower, etc.

Application prospects of brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motors have superior performance compared with other types of motors. Brushless DC motors are widely used in home ventilator motors, oxygen generators, small medical blowers and so on. Brushless DC motors have a good application prospect. However, there are still many problems to be solved and further research is needed. At present, the development of brushless DC motors has reached a relatively mature stage, but along with the continuous impact on materials, electronics and control technology, it is bound to develop in the direction of miniaturization, digitalization, long life and high reliability, and will certainly play a greater role in industrial production.

What are Brushless DC Motors Used For?

Brushless DC motors typically have an efficiency of 85-90%, while brushed motors are usually only 75-80% efficient. Brushes eventually wear out, sometimes causing dangerous sparking, limiting the lifespan of a brushed motor. Brushless DC motors are quiet, lighter and have much longer lifespans. Because computers control the electrical current, brushless DC motors can achieve much more precise motion control.

Because of all these advantages, brushless DC motors are often used in modern devices where low noise and low heat are required, especially in devices that run continuously. This may include washing machines, air conditioners and other consumer electronics. They may even be the main power source for service robots, which will require very careful control of force for safety reasons.

Brushless DC motors provide several distinct advantages over other types of electric motors, which is why they’ve made their way into so many household items and may be a major factor in the growth of service robots inside and outside of the industrial sector.

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