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What are Fuse Blocks? Private

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Fuse blocks are important electrical components intended to protect a vehicle's electrical devices from shorts or power surges. The fuse blocks contain fuses rated at different amperage values depending upon the electrical device that it is protecting. Upon a sudden voltage spike or short, the fuse will burn out, protecting the affected device.

Changing an automotive fuse is a straight-forward operation. Once the appropriate blown fuse has been located, it is pulled from its mounting location within the fuse block. A new fuse is simply inserted into the vacated location in the fuse block. It is imperative that the same amperage rated fuse is used when changing any blown fuse.

Automotive fuse blocks use fuses rated from 15 to 30 amps. This rating coincides with a particular electrical component's ability to withstand damage. The fuse blocks are designed to allow the fuse to blow or burn out before the component can be damaged. Replacing any blown fuse with a fuse of a higher amperage rating could cause irreparable damage to the vehicle's electrical component.

There are several different types of fuses located within fuse blocks. Vehicles made by manufacturers before 1980 may have glass fuses. The more common plastic, push-in type fuses were used in fuse blocks from the 1980s to present worldwide. Found in limited use are mini-fuses. These fuses resemble the plastic, push-in type fuse; however, they are much smaller.

Fuse blocks can be found in the dashboard of most vehicles. Some vehicles have fuse blocks located within the engine compartment. Refer to the operator's manual of a vehicle to find the fuse block location. It is a good idea to locate the fuse block as well as to become familiar with the fuse locations during daylight hours. This eases the difficulty of locating a particular fuse in the dark should a problem ever arise.

While the typical automotive fuse block is designed to operate for the life of the vehicle, there is occasionally the need to replace it. Many after-market companies manufacture replacement fuse block and wiring systems. Many of these are color coded with the particular vehicle manufacturer's wiring colors. Others are labeled on the wire itself as to its purpose.

Some rocker switches operate more than one circuit on the same button. An excellent example is a power door lock switch. When the lock button is pressed, the power lock actuator is commanded to lock. When the button is released, the switch springs back to the resting position and power no longer is sent to the lock actuator to lock the door, though it remains in the locked position. The other end of the rocker switch is the unlock button. When it is pressed and released, the same function occurs with the lock actuator for the unlocked position.

Another reason why the 5 Pin rocker switch is popular for light bars is because they have an illuminated light that can work with your factory interior dash lighting. When the light bar switch is on another light will be illuminated on the light bar rocker switch notifying you that the switch is currently powering whichever light bar you have connected to it.

It’s the lawTo wire a 3 pin switch to a 5pin rocker switch you need to find out what your 3 wires do. Aurora wiring harnesses are set-up as black = ground/negative, red = positive, blue = power to lighting product. If you are using any other wiring harness you will need to test each wire to find out which wire represents power, ground and power to the LED lighting product.

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