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The evolution of plasma cutting Private

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In the last seven years, developments in plasma cutting technology have come at a fast pace. The latest revision on high-definition machines is their full integration with the CNC machines they are coupled with. New CNCs have touchscreen accessibility, minimizing the number of buttons involved in operating a plasma cutting machine and making operation as simple as almost any Windows?-based software. Operator training has been simplified on even the largest, most complex CNC plasma cutting machines.

The operator’s job also has been made easier with improvements in auto-calibrating height control functionality. The operator does not need to make adjustments as the consumable parts in the torch wear out.

Hole cutting has been improved with a large database of information in the CAM software that automatically recognizes CAD features and implements the best possible cut path and plasma cutting parameters, including on-the-fly shield gas changes that nearly eliminate the normal taper found in plasma-cut holes on steel (see Figure 3). This process is transparent to the machine operator and system programmer, eliminating the need for them to be experts.

Air plasma cutting systems from the major manufacturers also improved dramatically in terms of cut quality, consumable life, and duty cycles. These systems, primarily designed for portable and in-shop hand-held cutting applications, now are available with quick-change mechanized torches and interface easily to a variety of lower-cost CNC machines. Systems are available from a 30-amp, toaster-sized unit that operates on 120-V household current to sever materials up to 0.5 in. thick, to a 125-amp, 100 percent duty cycle industrial unit that can sever 2.25-in. materials. Both portable systems can be used with a hand torch or can be mechanized for a variety of automated cutting applications.

Industrial mechanized systems typically are 100 percent duty cycle, available with machine torches, and designed to use a variety of compressed gases to fine-tune the cut quality for different materials. These systems are available in various sizes and capacities from 130 to 800 amps.

Many other advances have been made to improve reliability, performance, consumable life, cut quality, and ease of use since the first plasma system was created. The process shares the cutting market with laser cutting, abrasive waterjet, and oxyfuel cutting, all of which deliver accuracy, productivity, and long-term cost-effectiveness when used for the appropriate applications.

What can be considered light duty?

light duty plasma cutting machine can become a need for any workshop, artist, contractor, etc. that so far have been using oxy-fuel and is ready to make the leap to a better solution.

Actually, after experiencing a handheld plasma machine, almost nobody wants to return to oxy-fuel.

What Is A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of machine in the world, which is used to output high energy density laser beam. The laser beam is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area of ultra-fine focus on the workpiece is instantly melted and evaporated, and the spot is moved through the CNC mechanical system. Automatic cutting by illuminating the position. Compared with large volume gas laser and solid-state laser, it has obvious advantages and has gradually become an important choice in high-precision laser processing, lidar system, space technology, laser medicine and other fields.

The optical plate fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and oblique cutting, with neat and smooth edges. It is suitable for high precision cutting of metal plate. At the same time, the manipulator can replace the original five axis laser for 3D cutting. Compared with ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine, it saves more space and gas consumption, and has high photoelectric conversion rate. It is a new energy-saving and environmental protection product, and also one of the world’s leading technology products.

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