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vitamin is an organic molecule (or a set of molecules closely related chemically, i.e. vitamers) that is an essential micronutrient which an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism. Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized in the organism, either at all or not in sufficient quantities, and therefore must be obtained through the diet. Vitamin C can be synthesized by some species but not by others; it is not a vitamin in the first instance but is in the second. 

veterinary drug (also animal drug) refers to a drug intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in animals. Veterinary drugs can be roughly classified into four categories: 

Sweetening agent are food additives that impart sweetness to soft drinks. It can be divided into nutritive sweeteners and non-nutritive sweeteners according to their nutritional value; according to their sweetness, they can be divided into low-sweetness sweeteners and high-sweetness sweeteners; 

Cosmetics are compound mixtures made of various raw materials through reasonable deployment and processing. Cosmetics have a wide variety of raw materials with different properties. According to the raw material properties and uses of cosmetics, it can be roughly divided into two categories: matrix raw materials and auxiliary raw materials. The former is a kind of main raw material of cosmetics, which occupies a large proportion in cosmetic formulations and plays a major functional role in cosmetics. 

API refers to active pharmaceutical ingredent, includes human growth hormone powder, pure minoxidil powder, paracetamol powder and acetylsalicylic acid powder. It indicate that the raw materials used for the production of various preparations, the active ingredients in the preparations, and various powders, crystals, extracts, etc., prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology for medicinal purposes. Substances that the patient cannot take directly.

Natural active ingredient refers to active ingredients extracted from natural products, such as oyster meat powder, bulk krill oil, tomato lycopene extract powder, etc. Chemical products are the species formed from chemical reactions. During a chemical reaction reactants are transformed into products after passing through a high energy transition state. The atoms aren't created or destroyed. The materials are reactive and reactants are rearranging during a chemical reaction. Here is an example of reactants: CH4 + O2. A non-example is CO2 + H2O or "energy".
Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance taste, appearance, or other sensory qualities.