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Photoluminescent powder, also known as pigment, is a non-toxic, non-radioactive new environmentally friendly alkaline earth aluminate pigment. Most of the visible or UV light will charge the pigment particles (excitation). The photo luminescent pigment then releases energy for 10 to 24 hours in the form of visible light (which glows in the dark). The photographic light-emitting pigments provide duty-cycle operation with a very high ratio of glow time to the desired charging time. Luminous intensity (brightness) and afterglow time than the traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) or usually sold retail store products more than 30 times higher.

Many photoluminescent pigments and products manufacturers refer to the extinction time of their products, which is defined as the time required for afterglow to be reduced to 1 masb (0.032 mcd / m2, or about 100 times the human perception limit). In practice, it is very difficult, unless your eyes are completely dark to adapt, and you are in a completely dark environment.

For practical purposes, the brightness of one to two millimeters per square meter is a more appropriate limit for life safety applications, even if a smoke-free environment is assumed. Therefore, the zinc sulfide product may take 30 to 45 minutes after its excitation source is extinguished. On the other hand, the afterglow of strontium aluminate products can be seen for days or even longer. All PhotoLuminescent Powder are based on strontium aluminate.In this article, we look at the requirements from OSHA, NFPA, and the IBC for the listing and performance of photoluminescent signs. These mandates include the need for proper light sources, glow duration, and legibility from a distance.

Let’s be clear and as non-technical as possible in the description of PVC signs. The chemicals and the molecular makeup are the same as the pipe referred to in the opening of this article. The best way to help in differentiating the two as that the signs are more lightweight and porous, meaning full of pores. How does this translate to what you want to know? With all those tiny little pores in a PVC sign, it means it will accept liquids. In your case, it means they can accept ink, and thus we can create graphics on the sign you want for your company.  

These are the same as brushed aluminium signs, except they have a smooth, painted finish. These are made from two synthetic plates with a hard di-bond door. They are extremely sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight.

We suggest using this material when designing a panel for a sale or special offer. Just like brushed aluminium, this material is water-resistant and difficult to bend. This makes it perfect for outdoor promotion.

When you’re designing a custom interior sign, you have several options for materials, including plastic, wood, glass, and a handful of metals. Ideally, you’ll choose a material that best reflects your brand or the message of your sign. If that material is stainless steel, you’re in luck. Stainless steel signs signal strength and industriousness to your clients. If your business is about offering protection, stability, or innovation, stainless steel can help communicate that to customers. Plus, it offers five other excellent advantages we’ll detail below.Acrylic signs offer an excellent opportunity to improve the branding and brand visibility of your company. Acrylic signs allow for simplicity, which means you are free to use whichever typography or imagery necessary to communicate your brand.

Resin stones are made by taking shards of stone, binding them with a strong adhesive and molding them in with a special resin. The resulting mixture is then capped with acrylic or other coatings to ensure that the surface and core is protected and scratch resistant. And, because it is made from resin, the material is much lighter than normal stone without losing it’s durability.

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