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How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Bedroom Private

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The first step in your bed buying process is to determine whether you would like a bed or a headboard.

Beds are great at ensuring a consistent style of design on the whole piece of furniture from the headboard to the feet. They sometimes require a bit more coordination for the installation and logistics. If you want to move a bedroom bed, it’s usually tougher because you would need to take it apart (if you can) and then move each part separately.

On the other hand, headboards will require an attaching a separate bed frame to hold the mattress. Headboards are easier to move around than beds. You can purchase a bed frame that hides underneath your mattress so that the headboard is the only item that you see around your bed. Relocating a headboard and bed frame is typically easier because all you have to do is detach the headboard from the bed frame itself. You can also change out your headboard pretty easily if you want to change the decor style of your bedroom!

Metal Bed

metal bed is great for a farmhouse bedroom. They give a vintage appeal and look. It is also much easier to clean and take care of than a fabric headboard which tends to attract dust!

Bed Accessories

Once you’ve decided on a bed, there are a few bed accessories you’ll need to consider purchasing.

Box Spring: Box springs are commonly used for support and height for your mattress. They raise your mattress up so you are not getting in to bed at a very low height from the ground.

Mattress: Of course, you can’t purchase a bed without thinking about the mattress you will put on it!

A new mattress can be a sizable investment, but taking this step can unlock your ability to sleep better. As with any major purchase, you want to make sure that you choose wisely.

To help you get a handle on how to choose a mattress, we break down the key information piece-by-piece. With this guide, you’ll have the knowledge to find a top-performing mattress with the right firmness and features to suit your needs and deliver great sleep night after night.

Mattress Types

If you’re just getting started looking for a new mattress, you’ve probably noticed that the number of options can be dizzying. A helpful way to get your bearings is to start by thinking about mattress types.

Almost all mattresses can be identified as one of five types — foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, or airbed. Innersprings are the most well-known and traditionally were the mainstay in homes nationwide. In recent years, though, other mattress types have surged in popularity.

These other mattress types have expanded their reach primarily by offering a more dynamic performance. They’ve also become more affordable and accessible with the growth of the online mattress industry.

Knowing the basics about each of these types can serve as a foundation upon which you can continue your search for the best mattress.

Foam: Foam mattress is made entirely with foam and no coils. They tend to provide above-average contouring to the body, pressure relief, and motion isolation, making them a good fit for side sleepers and couples. Among foams that are used in these mattresses, memory foam is the most well-known.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket spring mattress responds better to pain from pressure points than innerspring mattresses. They also reduce motion transfer so you can sleep soundly throughout the night.

Combination sleepers are better suited for pocket spring beds. The coil layers provide your bed with plenty of bounce. The added responsiveness makes it easier to switch sleeping positions. Plus, pocket spring beds promote proper spinal alignment.

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