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Laser coding machine
The laser printer uses the high-density heat of the laser to make a fast and beautiful mark on the object that needs to be marked.
The advantages of laser printers are as follows:
1. Reduce production costs, reduce consumables and improve production efficiency.
2. The anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, and the laser coding technology can effectively suppress the counterfeit of the product logo.
3. It is conducive to product tracking and recording. The laser printer can print the batch number, production date and shift of the product. Can make every product get good tracking performance.
4. Increasing the added value can make the product look higher. Increase the visibility of product brands.
5. The equipment is reliable. The laser marking (coding) machine has a mature industrial design. The performance is stable and reliable. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The maintenance-free time of the laser is more than 20,000 hours. The temperature range is wide (5 鈩?-45 鈩?, which is widely used in the production and packaging fields of various industries.
6. Environmental protection and safety, the laser coding machine does not produce any chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment. Comply with GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standard. It is an environmentally friendly high-tech product.
7. The laser printer can print a large amount of data in a very small range. The laser can be marked on the product material itself with a very thin beam. The printing accuracy is extremely high, the control is accurate, and the printing content is clearly and perfectly interpreted. Strong market competitiveness, and environmental protection and safety, without any corrosiveness, completely isolated from chemical pollution, it is also a kind of intimate protection for the operator, ensuring a clean and tidy production site, reducing post-investment and reducing noise pollution.
Technical parameters
1. Laser type: CO2 laser machine
2. marking speed: 0-7000mm/s
3. laser life:鈮?0000h
4. marking line width:0.1-3mm (depending on material)
5. working system:24H
6. input power: 600W
7. power stability: 卤5% (Max)
8. Wavelength: 10.6渭m
9. Laser output power: 10 W
10. Laser cooling method: air cooling
11. Type: CO2 laser machine
12. Marking range: standard 100X100mm; 70X70mm-400mmX400mm optional
13. Focal length: Standard 134mm (70 ~ 200mm optional)
14. Number of lines: Set the number of lines in the marking range arbitrarily according to the required information
15. Production line speed:> 60M / min
16. Character height: 0.4 ~ 70mm (determined by the selected focal length and the character height set in the software)
17. Font: Various fonts in Microsoft Windows, you can edit the font
18. Marking options: text, logo, barcode, QR code, graphics, image, dot matrix; built-in multiple laser marking special fonts, automatic serial number, batch number and real-time clock, automatic production date and shelf life, etc.
19. Display: notebook
20. Information input: keyboard input, USB, serial data communication and other information input
21. Operating system: Microsoft Windows
22. Product detection input: PNP / 12V Omron photoelectric product detector E3X-ZA41
23. Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232, multi-channel custom I / O
24. Cooling: Normal pressure forced cooling fan, no need for compressed air, extremely wide temperature adaptability, automatic air cooling, no special consideration for cooling
25. Protection level: IP43
26. Operating temperature: 5 鈩?45 鈩?/p>
27. Operating humidity: 10% -90% without condensation
28. Energy requirement: AC220V, power less than 600WCoding Machine suppliers

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